ice dragon storing passwords when specifically told not to do so

ice dragon version running on windows 7 ultimate…

fresh install…selected do not save passwords…it has stored the passwords somewhere which do not display when display passwords is selected…but anytime i enter a website that has a sign on screen that i have visited in ice dragon and into which i entered user name and password it fills these in…how to i find out where these passwords are stored and prevent this from happening

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Check here. :wink:

Firefox 30.0

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that is what i have done…that is what i said before…it is propery not checked…when i click on show passwords nothing shows…yet when i go to sign into a website i signed into using dragon it fills in the user name and password automatically…so where is this being kept…is it hidden on my computer or has it been uploaded to something comodo has in the cloud which i would never permit…

Hi irkeith,
Some websites have the ability to store your login details in a cookie.
Try clearing your browsing history. Ctrl+Shift+Del

If this is what has happened, try adjusting your history settings to suit your requirements found under the privacy tab in options.
Deleting Browsing History and Configuring History Settings-Comodo Help

Hope that helps.

i have dragon set to delete cookies and history on exit…i have checked and it is doing that…i am not a novice at this…i never had this problem until i reinstalled it last week with the latest update…

Hi irkeith,
I am not sure what changed after the re-install to cause this issue.
I would consider trying the portable version and see if the issue persists.
This will help determine if something is corrupt or set incorrectly with the installed version.
The portable version is independent from the installed version.
To install the portable version see step 2 of the link below, select ‘Portable version’.
Downloading and Installing Comodo IceDragon-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

my question is where are these passwords being stored…how do i find them…remove them and ensure this never happens again…what is the file name if they are somewhere on my computer…ice dragon says it does not have them and cannot find them…yet they are properly and correctly inserted automatically every time i go to a sign on screen that i have accessed through ice dragon…this leads me to thinking they are somehow being transmitted to some cloud thing which i dont want happening…

reinstalling is not going to address and answer the above questions…


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that comment does nothing to answer my question…and i am getting frustrated that i am not getting an answer to my question…to me this is a major security issue which does not seem to be getting acknowledged

Hi irkeith,

Well, basically sAyer did answer your question…
In addition just pay attention to depicted <> button, where you can remove all of them

More info can be found in “Google-your friend”, e.g here
or similarly
if you search for “mozilla profiles” or alike

Fox stores passwords in key3.db and signons.sqlite files.
(…tons of Apps out there that can read such kind of files in order to confirm that passwords are gone)

But, again that info is for Firefox and since personally I cannot care less about either Dragon or IceDragon browsers, you have to check specifics for “Ice” one and if it is not the case – that would be a different question & probably a


this is the forum for ice dragon…so if you dont like ice dragon why are you answering questions about it on its forum…

i have stated repeatedly that i have save passwords unchecked…i have checked stored passwords and nothing is listed…that is why i have this question and telling me things i have repeatedly tried does not help…the passwords are being stored somewhere and ice dragon is the only one that accesses them…yet it shows no passwords stored…i run firefox also and it does not come up with these passwords as being stored nor when i signon to any of the sites i have signed on through ice dragon which is automatically putting in the user name and password…

so would someone who knows about ice dragon kindly read exactly what i have written several times and help me find out what is happening and where these are being stored so i/we can get this security issue fixed…

I answered because I do know some stuff.

Then, ”liking, or disliking” is out of scope here. I said

…personally I cannot care less about either Dragon or IceDragon browsers…
due to lack of security/speed etc. allegedly provided by those browsers, numerous incompatibilities & so on & so forth (I still having rights for my personal opinion)

At the same time, I do have both Dragons installed for testing purposes.

Ice Dragon in particular being installed here in Windows Ultimate (x86) too, as a matter of fact, and by any means it exposes the behaviour described by you
Therefore, I suspect you did not set it up properly and/or did not follow the advices given by captainsticks and sAyer and in addition you did not search/go through numerous articles of Mozilla’s Knowledge Base suggested by me regarding passwords/privacy settings in order to prevent anything like that happening
… I did that long ago …
and at the moment I cannot find a single site where IceDragon (outdated) v26.0.0.2 in particular

Needless to say - there is lack of info

  •   Win 7 Ultimate x64 or 32 bit?
  • have you find any signs of user info/passwords in those files mentioned above?
  • are you using any extensions/plugins/addons in Ice?
  • do you have any other browsers installed?
  • did you ever (stressing) imported any data/settings/profiles from those (that can be easily missed by “happy fast clicking habits” during installation of a browser

Finally, that would be nice to have specific sites’ names with which you are experiencing described problem, so we can test