Ice Dragon Self installing unrequested


Last few days something very strange is going on with my computer (win 7 ) - and I believe Comodo Ice Dragon browser is somehow self installing and updating on my computer…

I have seen and tested this browser, but not recently, may be a half year or year ago…For sure not in recent days…

But I have Uninstalled it several times during last days… and yet, when I woke up there is some process in my Task Manager trying to update Ice Dragon…which is again there…

I don’t know, if it could self install itself as some bloatware with another soft, but usually I am very careful to uncheck all unrequested;
Now, I’m hoping it will not come back on its own unless I would change my mind…

Are you saying that after uninstalling CID the CID updater is still running? If so, does that also happen after you rebooted your computer?

By default the updater service will be installed.

to try to elaborate, I think it was something in that order:

  1. I had some problems with laptop using too much CPU and hanging off computer (which later turned out to be some problem with dllhost.exe I think, but was only later discovered)
    • so, I decided to try system restore
  2. I scanned for affected programms : there were 2 programs - 1 I installed recently and 2 - Ice Dragon installed on 24 december, which is impossible;
  3. AFTER sys restore - I checked for Ice Dragon - and it was still there; so I Uninstalled it through Uninstall Programms;
  4. Next day (laptop was on sleep too) - I discovered Ice Dragon updater running, and Ice Dragon installed;

that’s why I wonder it’s again there, if it was killed by
a) Sys Restore

The easiest way to try to get rid off the CID updater service is to install CID and then uninstall it. When done check under Services (Control Panel → Administrative Tools) that it is no longer there.

Try Comodo Cleaning Essentials
Open KillSwitch - Services - Find Dragon Updater Service & delete it & restart the system & check again to be sure dragon updater is deleted.