Ice Dragon not seeing Key board

For what ever reason Ice Dragon no longer takes input from my keyboard. Yet Chromodo and Dragon still do is there some new issue that has occurred?


In order to help us reproduce this issue please give us more information such as Operating System, if you have any Security Software installed or any particular actions that you performed before the problem occurred.

Thank you.

I get something similar although I thought it was some stupid mistake I made when building my new computer or the fact that I use a Spanish keyboard in an English OS even though I’ve set it up for that.
What I get is an intermittent disconnection; I’m typing away when the field sort of jumps and the cursor disappears. A tap on my stand-alone Cirque touch pad brings it back. It doesn’t happen very often but it happens on all websites.
I run CID on Win7 sp1 64 with CIS in the background on a Sapphire Pure White board with an AMD E-350

Thank you for the replies as mysteriously as it occurred two weeks later for what ever reason started to notice the keyboard again and still have no idea as to why it happened and why it was cured :o