Ice Dragon not displaying correctly

since the last Firefox upgrade (now on 30) pages in I/Dragon some times display in correctly, as a Text page with no Formatting or Pictures.
If I immediatly go to Firefox and load the same page its OK, can have both pages side by side, most annoying as like I/Dragon but may have to stop using

Hi stryvya,
We are all eagerly waiting on an update for CID, which hopefully will address current issues.
In the mean time could you please post some links to the sites with the issues and I will see if it reproduces here.


These 2 are common sites I visit most days, when URLs copied both were not Displaying Properly but sometime they are OK, often when I`ve been using CID for sometime

Thanks stryvya,
I will try to reproduce the issue, in the mean time it may be worth clearing your browsing history.
Do you have the same add-ons in both FF and CID?


Browsing History set to clear on closure of both Browsers , also run Ccleaner approx once a week.

Add-ons similar on both but not the same.

I use Ad-block, Lastpass and XMarks on both. Often on CID “Talk Photography” site will tell me that AD-Block is Active when I have it turned ofF on that Site and it is showing that it is??

Also on TP forum site I can view some pages OK, the next is wrong and the next is OK (following a Thread)

Is there anyway I can Back-up my CID, so that I can Delete and Re-Install a Fresh Copy of CIDand then reload my current details, would LastPass and X-Marks be enough??

I have MozBackup for FireFox but cannot see away to get it to Backup CID.

Substitute/replacement for MozBackup was discussed here: