Ice Dragon - Have New Tabs Display Home Page

Not sure if this is the right place to post this… but, I just downloaded and installed Ice Dragon and can not figure out how to have new tabs display my home page. Can anyone help me out?

You will have to install a 3rd party extension. this is the one i use

Hi Guys,
Not to disregard the suggestion by wasgij6, but this is possible without an extension.

  1. Type about:config into the address bar and enter (Select 'I’ll be careful, I promise).

  2. Type browser.newtab.url into the search bar.

  3. Double click the browser.newtab.url entry, which opens the enter string value box.

  4. Enter your homepage URL and select OK.
    Note: This can be set to any valid URL.

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Edit: Corrected typo.

never knew about that. thanks captain :-TU

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Is the iceweasel browser still being supported.?

Hi Mrarnold,
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Please Captainsticks in the new ID, it doesn’t work. Have another hint? Thanks

Hmmm, it seems as if that specific about:config entry is not present.

However, when opening a newtab - mine defaults to ‘show your top sites’ which I like very much - there’s a gear that allows one to configure the newtab, er, so I thunk.

One of the listed items is: Learn about New Tab

Hmmm, wonder what that does? Clicked it and suprise! IT opens the IceDragon v42 on-line manual!

So I looked in the left panel and expanded ‘Tabbed Browsing’ and clicked on ‘Customizing Your New-tab Page’

See here: Customize Your New Tab Page, Search Engine | Web Browser & Internet Solutions

Thanks for the help WxMan1, I tried the manual before posting.

I’m trying to open all new tabs, only, in Google search.

I try:

  1. Type about:config into the address bar and enter - OK

  2. Type browser.newtab.url into the search bar - OK

  3. Double click the browser.newtab.url entry, which opens the enter string value box - OK

  4. Enter your homepage URL and select OK – OK

But in the new ID this and the tutorial doesn’t work!!!

If you (or somebody else) know how to open all new tabs, only in Google search, instead of thumbnails or blank pages, please show me how?



The only way I encountered was to follow the suggestion of Wasgif6 and add an add-on,

I did not like the Add-ons, but worked

Thanks for all

Glad to see it is solved despite an unpleasant solution. Its interesting that you actually see the browser.newtab.url entry; its not present on my installation at all. That’s why I assumed its not working. To that end I toyed around with this a bit and determined it does work in the sense that you can populate the New Tab with custom web-pages - by dragging a Bookmark from the Bookmark library - and dropping it onto the New Tab. So assuming you have Google Search page bookmarked, you should be able to drop it onto New Tab so that it is an entity that you can launch.

I’m unclear why you would want to default New Tab explicitly to Google Search-page in its entirely?

Doesn’t the search bar accomplish that functionality? The default ‘top sites’ configuration of New Tab should avail yourself to the inherent search-bar feature of FireFox browser, does it not? So even if the Google Search isn’t available on the New Tab, the New Tab itself should have the search-bar out of which you could search. Yes? And if Google was your default search-provider, then what functionality is missing?

Moreover, search can be performed from within the nav-bar itself using the All-in-One wonder-bar thingy if its enabled.


Oh! Not to overlook the fundamental search bar that’s embedded right in the New Tab itself.


Oh! And you can customize the toolbars icons by adding the ‘homepage’ icon to one of your toolbars. If Google Search is your home-page, then launching New Tab should allow you to go there by clicking the home-page icon on the toolbar.

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