Ice Dragon doesn`t respond

Since a while I cannot use the CID on my desktop anymore because when a page with Flash or I have login with a pop up credentials it stops working and doesn`t work anymore. I uninstalled it and I put back my profiles but I do not have any luck.

Also when I try to open the options for the CID the browser stops working as well so anything with a pop up makes the CID to block and unresponsive.

Anybody knows the cause for this?

Thank you

But the easiest way to explain is when I try to open the options it doesnt let me do it and is freezing. So practically when I open something which has a pop up dialog CID freezes and doesnt respond. Maybe is some plug in or something else.


Please navigate to “about:config” in IceDragon and look for the “layers.acceleration.disabled” option. Change the value to “true” if it is not set like this already. This will disable the hardware acceleration and might solve the issue.

Let us know of the results.


i noticed that standard FF doesn’t have this problem with hw acceleration

It was already on true but I toggled to “false.” I restarted the CID and I toggled back to true and in finally I can open the menu> options.

Thank you. I hope it will work.

Yes I tried again and it`s working. I suppose it was from the Nvidia driver or something which I had to reset it.

Thank you v much.