ICE DRAGON does not remember passwords [Solved]


The button “remember passwords to sites” is not click-able, so it does not save passwords.

  How can I save them ?



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Hi and welcome judith11,
If ‘Always use private browsing mode’ is selected, this is intended behaviour.

In IceDragon’s options, ‘Privacy’ tab please check under ‘History’.


thank you very much, it does work


You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.


When the “restart” button was in the left side, it was better to use it.

All the best,


Hi Judith,
I presume you mean the reload button, unless you do in fact mean the restart button from an extension.
For either one this can be changed by using the customize toolbar option.
Right click an empty space on the menu bar then choose customize, left click/drag’n’drop the button to your desired location and select done.

Kind regards.

Thank you, I really meant the reload button, many thanks,


You are welcome.

Kind regards.