Ice Dragon and recent difficulties

I love Ice Dragon. That being said, all other markets have updated, upgraded or completely redesigned their products and sites. What that means for me is that first, Mozilla keeps insisting on updating my seriously outdated browser so that all the features they have that I’m currently missing out on will become available to me, second, a large number of the programs that I have relied on for years no longer work properly and because I do depend on them I may have no choice but to find another browser. Is there any way to update this browser? Does Comodo have plans to further develop this browser? Will I have a future with Ice Dragon or should I start shopping for something a bit more current in software capabilities? I really hate the thought of going somewhere else but really! How can you create something so great and then just drop it? My auto update button has developed cobwebs while it sits there unused and I am constantly looking for fixes to problems that I shouldn’t be having to begin with! All because I use this antiquated browser and would prefer not to switch if I can avoid it.

Wow, Comodo team is really conspicuous by their absence for months on a very important question of security!!!

Can we propose for Comodo a new marketing logo - Comodo, the insecure security company! ? I hope not, but hey guys, what’s going on!!! >:(

Hi cavehomme,
Comodo have recently made some changes to the browser’s Development Staff and resources.
Once the team have familiarized themselves and catch up has been accomplished, I would expect the wheels to once again roll smoothly.

Kind regards.

I appreciate the update, and the other ones I got from your colleagues and Melih, but I do think some of this stuff is pretty fundamental and should not have been allowed to lapse. Anyway, it is how it is, and good news that something will be done about these browser issues.