Ice Dargon crashing & not retaining config. changes

I started uisng this webbrowser about 3-4 weeks ago, & all was well for awhile, & then all of a sudden it kept crashing, saying it had to launch in “Safe Mode” after closing it normally neraly everytime I did close it & then relaunched it. I also had to “reset” it many times which is extremely frustrating, as it made me have to reconfig it many times as well, plus redownload the addons & themes too. & also reconfig the addons as well…AGAIN! Yesterday this happened about a dozen times w/in an hour! Far Beyond Frustrating doesn’t even come close to the feeling! I just recently formatted this system so I don’t think it’s some corruption & it’s ONLY affecting the webbrowser anyway! I don’t get it!? I even Re-downloaded the program, uninstalled the thing, deleted the installer I had DL’d previously, rebooted the system, & then reinstalled it, & it STILL kept doing this! Everytime I choose “Use Custom Settings For History” under “Privacy” tab for “History”, & then checkmark the box that says: “Always Use Private Browsing Mode”, the prog says it must relaunch to take effetc, & when I do, I get a dialog box that says: “Well, this is embarassing.” "IceDragon is having trouble recovering your windows and tabs. This is usually caused by a recently opened web page.

You can try:
Removing one or more tabs that you think may be causing the problem
Starting an entirely new browsing session"

& then it shows a window that shows “Windows & Tabs” w/“Window 1”/“Yahoo” w/chekcmarks saying Restore, & 2 buttons at the bottom that say “Restore” & “Close”. & no matter which option I choose ALL changes made w/in the browesr rest themselves to what they are by default! It makes me wanna put my head through a wall! I’ve been delaing w/this BS since yesterday afternoon! What is the problem w/this thing, & why after a month is it all of a sudden having such issues, even after I DL’d & installed a fresh copy of the installer?! This makes no sense, but I also submitted a ticket about some problem w/my CIS too which is not retaining certain changes either! I don’t get why I am all of a sudden having so much probs w/your software! I have been using CIS for like 4 yrs now too! & have never had the pobs w/that that I’ve had reecently w/it. & I am using Win XP Pro same as I have been since 2004 in my computers. Before I was using 32 bit but have been using 64 bit for about 2-3 months now. Please help me w/this! I REALLy hate I.E. browser! Thanks.