ICANN requires contact validation, will COMODO use it?

As part of the ongoing effort to improve contact quality, ICANN requires contact validation for each registrant contact registering a generic TLD. This is required as of January 1, 2014 for new TLDs and September 2014 for the existing gTLDs.

Will COMODO take the validation ICANN will require for every TLD, in order to issue SSL DCV quicker and easier than today?
And who nows, perhaps COMODO can take it also for SSL OV (Organization Validation)?

Personally, I doubt we, Comodo, will follow with ICANN unless the CABForum (CA/Browser Forum) directs ALL Publicly-trusted CAs to do so.

I see. I just think is to much, validating contact information when registering a domain, and then again validating ownership of domain to issue an SSL certificate.