ibytedesktop.exe? should I worry?

Hi, and thanks in advance for helping me. I just installed the firewall a few days ago and so far like it. However, I am concerned about something that is showing up on my firewall page: It says that this is running at 87% in my traffic list. I don’t even know where or when it came from. IS THIS BAD or is it serving a purpose? I am afraid to end the process becasue I don’t even know what it does and there is little info on the internet about it. This forum is a little confusing so I apologize if I put this in the wrong forum section. PLEASE help.

Update: I wish I understood the firwall better. I just realized that this program is running in sandbox if that makes a difference?

Have you downloaded anything, such as a game, from Facebook?

From what I can tell Ibryte is just some a Facebook crapware:

ibryte is the premiere Facebook application keeping you updated and connected with all your Facebook friends even when you are away from the Facebook site![

Hardly ever deal with Facebook and have never downloaded anything from there. Thanks for the info. :-TU