Okay so time after time i get this weird thing going on, Javaw.exe, and a few other applications try to execute the IadHide5.Dll

i always deny them access but i don’t really know if i should be letting them have access? Can someone give me a quick tip on this?

I do not know what IadHide5.dll Does, i googled it and only got very different answers that only confused me more…

Think i should submit file to VirusTotal or delete it, or what?

If it's legit, then it's part of BackWeb, software like Kodak photos uses it. It's used to check for updates. That assuming malware isn't hidding in it, so

Upload it to virustotal.com and see what comes up :slight_smile:

If you need to delete files that refuse to be deleted, then download malwarebytes, look in settings (I think?). There’s a program called “fileassassin” <----run it. Now with that, find the file you want to delete and let it do it’s magic. It’ll propably make you restart the computer.
If that fails, then run the computer in “safe mode” (basicly restarting the computer, hitting the “F8” key until a new screen comes up, choose safe mode") Then run “file assassin” again and remove it from there, restart the computer

Thanks Jay your always very helpful :smiley:

Thanks Jay your always very helpful
Thanks, I do what I can at my own convenient time :■■■■