I wrote a program, but Comodo give me a result : Virus !!!!

I wrote a simply program in delphi7 (Open a CD content, and if CD have Readme.TXT the program open it too).
I uploaded to webpage called virustotal.com and get a following result :




I atteched a file : Autorun.dpr.zip

Please sameone tell me where a virus in my program ?

Thanks a lot.

Edit by EricJH: I removed the file as it is potentially harmful


See GEN at the end, it’s Generic, meaning your program has some “characteristics” of a malware so you could report it as false positive.

This does not mean your program IS a virus, it’s just that it “looks” to an AV as a virus.
Some AV’s are trigger happy when security set to very high…

Besides, opening a cd content and having autorun stuff in it is suspicious nowadays… :wink:
Most security folks recommend disabling autorun feature and most av’s are even hostile
against autorun.inf

EDIT: your archive is bad/damaged and for security purposes, I do not recommend uploading it here in public, send it to CAMAS or one of the mods/devs…
Also to people, do not download something you don’t know or can’t recognized, just in case! :wink:
Also, wear your seatbelt, drive safely, drink milk! :-TU

If you made the program, and it don’t have malware in it, you can add it to your AV trusted files list and you can run it then. If you think the alert is wrong, you can report it as false positive.

Next time post about such a file in the AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting board following the instructions in the sticky topics on how to post about it without attaching it to your post.