I would like to report a strange issue/bug

I upgraded my cpu and added another hard drive. So I reinstalled Windows from Fresh,
I reinstalled most my programs first then a couple days later I installed CFP 3

whenever I restart the PC or shutdown the computer, during Winxp shutdown CFP 3.0 pops up a blank defense+ or firewall alert or two

it began doing that even on the previous version. this is a brand new installation of WinXP +SP2

why is CFP 3 starting to throw up blank pop up alerts ever since
its been reported in the CFP 3 help section that the firewall is doing that for some other people, so i ain’t the only one its happening to.

another thing i reported was that with the new CFP the block all unknown requests when the program is closed was broke, i’ve not tried it out this time after a fresh install of my system and i probably won’t try it seeing as how last time it caused my PC to lockup.

Please if a new version comes out it would be nice if what worked before doesn’t end up getting broke

P.S that 40,000 downloads should be divided by atleast 3 since it would be the same users downloading the firewall, either because the setup buggered itself up or because some of us have been upgrading our hardware/software quite rapidly within the last couple of months.