I would like to learn about ............

TCP, UDP, and all the other odd protocols that a Firewall deals with daily. The whys and wherefores, etc. etc.

I would also like to learn about reading and understanding packets.

Does anyone have any advice on any particular publications that I may acquire that would explain these goodies to me ??? Any advice, suggestions, tips, etc. would be appreciated !!!

Many thanks ahead of time folks !!! 8)

Hi. there are loads of guides on the Internet and a great may books. I had a quick look and this looks like a good place to start:

Understanding TCP/IP

Once you have that under your belt, download and study this:

Understanding IP Addressing

I used it years ago but the content is still relevant.

A little link from me below :slight_smile:

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To view the movie click here:

Understanding TCP/IP

Understanding IP Addresses

Understanding Subnet’s

Do you like movies J2045 88) :stuck_out_tongue: :-TU

Check out this site:- http://www.firewall.cx/

Choose the alternative menu for easier selection.


Toggie, J2045 & Matty_R !!!

Thanks to you folks for all the info and such… I really appreciate it !

Truly looks like ALOT of good info there !!

Have a good one !!!


Wyoming… US of A