I would like to Congratulate Tiamet Communications!

I would like to congratulate Tiamet Communications for being a responsible Broadband provider who is going the extra mile for their users and protecting them by giving Comodo firewall to their users for free!

Welldone Dave!

Here is the article:

Tiamet Communications, LLC to Recommend Comodo Desktop Security Solutions as Part of its Broadband Wireless Service Launch in Mecklenburg County, Virginia
State-of-art wireless service includes a guarantee that should a Comodo protected PC become infected, Tiamet will clean the system free


wow, this company is real good.

But they clean the system if its infected by wat?

They will clean the system whatever it’s been infected with, because they trust that a protected computer won’t get infected in the first time --at least as frequently as an unprotected one.

This is great because most users won’t bother about security products on their own accord, but if their ISP suggests them to they might, and they’ll be safer and all of us will have less spam and so on. :slight_smile: Comodo’s being the involved company only makes it better. ;D

Very cool. Now what’s TrustConnect? That’s the first time I’ve heard of that, and I couldn’t find it looking around the website…



Looks like another product which will be launched sometime soon (judging by Melih’s expression :wink:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Well the article itself already tells pretty much what this TrustConnect would be about.

Yes it does. I wonder when it will be releaed :slight_smile:

you mean :what product / AV they use if somehow the system is infected?

true, I mean dat. So if a customer’s computer w comodo AV is infected, the technical support ppl come down and use, lets say, Antivir AV to claim back da comp. The customer will think:“■■■■, Antivir is real good and also free. Why I use comodo AV?” Dats the point.

That was my thought, too - even when I saw the article. Was hoping to draw some info, but all I got was a lousy wink… :frowning:


I thought it was a nice wink :slight_smile:

ok here it goes…

TrustConnect :

Insecure wireless connections. When you connect thru some unknown wireless, you simply have no clue if anything you see is real or everything you send is not being intercepted. This is an important problem especially for road-warriors.

TrustConnect: you enable Trustconnect when you are in an insecure LAN/Wireless etc, then all your surfing is channeled thru our Secure TrustConnect servers. So you can now use insecure connectivity securely.


It would be wonderful if every ISP did this. (B)

Melih, any ideas when we can expect this new product?

This sounds like Tor or Smarthide feature of Avorax Smarthide dat we discuss before,isnt it?

And since I remeber Melih said if Comodo provides such service, it wont b free (well, understandable). so how abt dis TrustConnect?

it will be a product that we will charge for…


Very understandable, sounds like a very good product, would love to test it sometime :slight_smile:

Is it just for privacy, or will it help against WiFi leechers?

It will be worth the money

For privacy and security of your own data while you are using insecure wifi/lan (any environment you can’t trust, which is quite many really!):slight_smile: