I would like some feedback on startpage

:P0l I have been using startpage for some time. I would like to hear what people think about startpage.

I assume you mean startpage.com, personally I like it, however the image search is pretty bad.

That’s what I use. I find that only very infrequently do I have to use Google.

This is by far my favorite privacy oriented search engine, although of course there are other good ones as well.

:-DThe real question is this…can I trust startpage.com…I have been using it for sometime, and the only negative information I found was on Znet

I don’t know of negative privacy reviews. Can you please link to the Znet review?


Hey Chiron, maybe you could answer this for me, as it pertains to startpage/ixquick. Why using cyberghost, i decided to engage their anti-finger printing agent, and upon opening firefox, which had start page set as default search/homepage, i was greeted with an almost entirely blank white page, except for the writing stating that because i was using a feature as such, they could not tell if i was a bot or spamming, so i was not allowed access to the site.

Now my question is, if they do not track you in any way shape or form, how did they know i was using such a feature?

And no worries, my tin hat was crumpled up sometime ago when i sat on it…lol Just a generalized question, i thought i would add to this topic question of trust… ;D



I use both of them, but most of time startpage. It says we give the google search result with privacy :-TU This very important in these days…

And both of them you can add the browser totally

Firefox StartPage add-on :-TU
StartPage for chromium :-TU

Yes the image search really bad, duckduckgo hasn’t got image search :-\ They will maybe improve this…

My guess would be that although they don’t track you they do check to make sure that you are human. They are offering this service entirely free. It is funded by the sponsored links, but other than that it is free. Thus, they are trying to make sure their servers are not abused by being used by spammers or bots. Those would cost them money.

Thus, my thoughts are that there is likely not a privacy concern here.


Exactly the answer i was expecting… I was just curious, as i tried this same thing on Google, Yahoo, Bing, each one of the others allowed me to surf like this. I would think at least google would act much in the same manor. Anyway, thanks for entertaining my question. Im constantly poking around the net “researching/learning”.

Best explanation about what Google does…

Google track you, we don’t! :-TU