My PC at work was repeatedly attacked by “I-worm.generic” which was in end picked up and we hope eliminated by McAfee. If the same worm attacked my home PC would Comodo identify and deal with it?

On Google we found a co Spyware Remover promoting a tool specifically to remove I-Worm.generic. It would be interesting to know if any of the Comodo community had any experience of this (you have to purchase the software!)

I have never tried Spyware Remover but having to buy it where the free version can only detect it doesn’t sound fair to me. Giving a trial period would be fair.

I don’t know if Comodo will tackle this particular worm. As a general rule of thumb remember that when a system is infected you may need to run more than one scanner to get the bad ones out. Read this sticky topic: What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.2. Or use online scanners from the big vendors: Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos .

Keep in mind that these days so much malware gets released that anti malware program based on detection are increasingly starting to run behind. Hence the need for additional layers of protection like the Comodo Internet Security program delivers and the increased need for running more than one scanner in case of an infected machine.