I work with the computer at home. Will Comodo automatically delete or ask?

Hi I use MSE now but I need to find some other antivirus. I used AVG but it kept automatically deleting my work files. I have to call the tech guys they have to get on my computer from the cloud and it takes HOURS. I tried Avast and the same thing happened. It did not ask me if I knew this file. It just automatically deleted without asking. Here I go again to the techies and hours or days later I get it fixed but I do not get to work during those hours or days until they can fix it.
Will Comodo automatically delete files or will it ask me first?
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by default comodo will quarantine threats it detects but you can change it to ask

Is that difficult to do? Can I do that at the time of installation? Thank you very much for the answer.

yes it is very easy to do. you will have to do it after installation. just click tasks at the top right then click advanced tasks → advanced settings → security settings → antivirus → then uncheck “do not show antivirus alerts…” if you want comodo to ask or leave it checked it you want it to automatically quarantine threats

Thank you very much! :-TU I hope this works for me. I have had bad luck so far with a lot of hours trying to reinstall deleted files that AVG and Avast just gets rid of without asking.

No problem glad i could help. Before installing comodo please remember to clean up files left over by previous antivirus software this can prevent some problems later on.

You should NEVER run any program without making the settings.

As you said, you wasted hours by not doing it. And you had losses.

And also never install something default. Look for anything like custom installation and checkmarks in the installation process. Every window, every button. Otherwise you get things on your computer.

Another solution would be to add the folders with work documents to the Excluded paths under Exclusions of the AV.

Thank you all for the answers. I might look on Craigs List for someone to help me or a computer fix it store so I do not goof it up.

Its as simple as using a television.
You need to know what you want to (watch),
read the infos,
press the button.

On each window of comodo is a ?
Press it and you go straight to the info page for what you are looking at.