i wnat to make COMODO stop asking me for every single thing

hello, i love comodo, its great, but also annoying.
everytime i play any games on steam, it involves steam.exe, and hl.exe and hl2 exe, and it keeps asking me for permission for every sinlge move it makes.
(no doubt it happens for everyone game)

how do i stop it form happening. thanks

the only reseon i am asking is because a game starts in full screen and when this permission windows pops up i cannot see it, and i also cant exit thegame with alt f4 or ctrl alt del. that is why, it also messed up one of my games, good thing it was just a hl2 mod.

thank you (:LGH) (:LGH)

you can put CIS (Defense+) on training mode for a while so it can learn the game application. (:WAV)

but will it open up my computer for Dos attacks, and hackers

but will it open up my computer for Dos attacks, and hackers

Well I am no expert, but I do not think that’s going to happen. "cause putting the D+ in Training Mode does not mean that you are turning off the protection, rather, you are asking the D+ to learn and remember your actions for different .exe that you allow to initiate actions in your system.

Hope that it clarifies the situation for you.

DoS attacks involve the firewall. Ganda noted to put Defense+ in Training mode, not the firewall. You can switch to training mode, play the game for a few minutes, just so it learns your actions and creates rules, and then revert to your previous mode. You’re only at risk if you leave it in training mode constantly.

This is a good topic and I have the same problem playing games “off” the net. My concern about going to Training mode - what if something got on my system that was too new for the AV to pick up, wouldn’t D+ just learn and accept whatever actions took place? I always thought D+ is like a partner or backup to the AV for the new stuff that comes out. Training mode doesn’t seem like a good idea, unless I’m not understanding something correctly.

There should be a ‘Game Mode’ setting. Have it so D+ goes into training mode on the game “itself” and not the whole system. Allow D+ to learn all the actions of the game within the system on the first session and alert the user if it attempts to connect to the net. When you’re done gaming with the first session, then have D+ switch to the normal mode. Normal meaning, go back to the original setting before you placed it in Game Mode. If D+ doesn’t catch all of the game actions in the first round, then there could be a setting something like: Game Mode until changed. This would solve a lot of gamers’ issues.

Training mode is basically ‘Game mode’

If all you’re doing is playing the game for a few minutes for D+ to learn the rules, it’s fine. Unless of course you don’t trust the game fully, and if that’s the case, you shouldn’t be playing it in the first place.
And you would still get a firewall alert because only D+ would be in training mode, not the firewall.

How would D+ distinguish between the game’s activities and the PC’s activities? If you get an alert from the game, you could also try setting it as an ‘installer or updater’ and then only the game would have sufficient powers


Yes, I agree that Training Mode is basically ‘Game Mode’. I was trying to point out that Training Mode is system-wide, while Game Mode is app specific. I’m also aware of the suggestions that were made in the url you offered; I’ve used it in the past. But again, it’s the whole system.

Actually, I would like to see an optional built-in setting of the ‘Game Mode’ concept that could be set to default for every piece of software that’s installed and ran for the first time - not just for games.

For example:
D+ alerts about the attempt of installing an app. You set it to ‘Installation Mode’. D+ makes the switch and also sets the Game Mode by default (for that app only) if that option was selected. The app installs, you run it for awhile and D+ learns its behavior. Remember you didn’t have to tell D+ to go into Training Mode because it did it by default and it’s only for that app, not system wide. You close out the app\game and D+ turns off Game Mode and goes back to its original setting. No hassle and no intervention by the user except for the Installation mode.

I’m not a programmer but I would guess that it would somehow need to track the actions of the game. How does sandbox software track software within? Not all sandbox software blocks off total communication inside and outside of the sandbox. Sandboxie allows all software outside the sandbox to see and communicate with apps inside the sandbox and yet keeps track of every single move the sandboxed software makes. I’m sure there’s a way, I just lack the knowledge in how it could be done and it’s probably challenging to implement. It would be a useful feature that goes beyond the gaming realm.

You can also make the .eve and .bat files that are in the game’s folder part of My own safe files. Go to Defense → Common Tasks → My own safe files → Add → Browse files and add.

Steam may be a bit of a different story as it will start another executable that it changes each time you start Steam. Try a forum search.

Hi ,if you are sure your system is clean from malware and you uses limited user profile and file sytem is NTFS then many of your problem are solved.
simply create a new file group under my group consiting of c:\windows and c:\