i wish for all chrome extensions to work in dragon as they do in chrome

chrome extensions are the only extensions compatible for dragon but not all of them work in dragon as they do in chrome. so i wish comodo would either fix this or start making their own extension, “apps” etc. or just drop the chromium core all together and build a browser from scratch on a higher level than all other browser in the field of security, usability, flexibility, stability, customization and extendability but don’t drop chromium until you get the browser built from scratch on par with at least where dragon is now, that way users don’t get a ■■■■■■ product while you guys improve the scratch browser. let users test the scratch browser. get the auto addon update from chrome and the addon will work in all future versions of chrome aspect. get the same level of customization and api support that firefox has. get the out of the box features of opera. then make dragon. and for the record when i say get this from that browser i don’t mean just rip the code from all these different browsers because that wont work. i’m saying get the browser from scratch on the same level as these other browsers in the aspects i specified above. also add a full virtualization sandbox unlike chrome’s sandbox but still allows you to save sessions, bookmarks history etc as you do with normal browsers if that’s even possible

yes this is a tall order but it’s my wish

That’s what happens when developers write an app/extension for Chrome instead of based upon the standards for the Chromium build.