I watch the traffic in Comodo Consent.exe

Sometimes when you start your computer
I watch the traffic in Comodo

Show for less than a minute and then disappear from the traffic
You examination kasper avira comdo avast The result no viros or hacker

Does this safe
or not safe

Why the wall does not have a warning

Welcome to the forum.

Out of curiosity are you using Vista?

Consent.exe is part of the UAc process, basically, it’s one of the processes responsible for presenting the elevation dialogue. As far as Internet connectivity is concerned, my best guess would be something to do with checking of digital signatures.

With regard to the IP addresses: - Is Akamai, a major content provider used by many companies including Microsoft. - Is Cloudflare. a company that hides the real location of websites at risk from attack. - Is sbcglobal part of AT&T

Is there any more information you can provide?

Derived from your words that the computer is clean
I think it shows because the program
I have Windows 7
Is this natural or suspicious IP by hacker

Are you able to post a screen-shot of the connections being made by consent.exe and also any being made by svchost?