I wask able to kill cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe using Task Manager

(:AGY) CFP has malfunctioned. Everything became slow. It was showing popups minutes later. Applications that were waiting action approval froze as well. Eventually, I launched the Task Manager and killed COMODO. Everything returned to normal.

I’m using Vista Ultimate x86 on Acer TravelMate 8104.

It would be nice if XP users had the ability to kill cmdagent.exe.

All I can do is shut down the firewall GUI (cfp.exe) from the system tray, but cmdagent.exe continues to run. I can’t even stop it from running using the Windows Services GUI. I have one application, Your Uninstaller! 2006, that will not run if Defense+ is enabled, but I believe it would if I could just kill cmdagent.exe. If I launch YU! 2006, CPU usage skyrockets to 100% and nearly cripples my system.

Hello USSS

CFP-3 is very configurable. Go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → go to Comodo Firewall Pro and click edit. You will see “Application system activity control”, click “protection settings” and you will see “Process terminations” click modify beside that and you can add any exception you wish here.

Hope that is a help to you.

SpookyET - It looks like you had a CFP bad. Try repairing from "Miscellaneous → diagnostics and see what happens. It may have been a bad install or a conflict with another application. There is lots of good technical help here if you want help fixing it. Let us know.


John, thanks a lot. Learned something new today.

Diagnostics say that everything is all right.