I was hoping for more

When I bought my present desktop computer in March of 07, the store had equipped it with Webroot firewall & security recently thought that having to yell at it every time it did the thing that annoyed me most would not be necessary if I got another firewall.
So I looked on the net for a firewall and chose Comodo.
The thing that Webroot did that so annoyed me was (I’m guessing here) that their program did not have a font that included scientific symbols or Greek letters.
There is a program with a name that includes one of those symbols as the first letter of their name. It’s not available here either, so I’ll just say that it is the Greek letter mu, so the name comes out looking somewhat like UTORRENT instead of mutorrent.
So no matter how many times I’ve pressed the OK button, it would pop up again asking if I would allow. Tuesday they broke a record, I imagine, when I had to see 23 popups in the boot up sequence.

It is still my first day using Comodo, and many of the times I had to reboot for other matters could explain it. That is, Comodo seems to use the same alphabet.

Probably better tomorrow. And I had a few other problems with Webroot.
Thanks for listening.

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I sujest you put Defense+ into Cleanpc mode or even learning mode, when you have a new computer. This will lower the pop-ups :slight_smile:


For utorrent you should define some rules before using it.