I was being asked again and again about rules that i set them as permanent

Although for example i set the rule for Internet explorer as permanent (never ask again) sometimes the firewal asks me again and waits for my approval… (more common it is in dns…)
Is it possible to fix that??
Also all the time i get a notice about “OLE automation” by many programms that i have and they don’t connect to the internet…
What does it mean???


You have pointed here two bugs known for a lot of users (all ?).

Yes, OLE alerts are annoying. Yes, unremembered rules are annoying. But, we all hope these issues will be fixed in the next release (2.5 or 3).

You should try to put “alert security level” to a lower value.



I also get a lot of the OLE popups. But they are a feature. Currently for me the only annoying thing about the OLE popups is the fact you can’t deny the app or process without denying the parent. For example the other day at work i got an OLE popup saying Lotus Approach wanted to connect to the inet through Outlook Express. The interesting thing was i had neither app running at the time, but clicking deny blocked OE completely, so i had to reverse that and specifically add Approach as a blocked app.

I’d like an option on the popups to deny the OLE process instead of the parent, so i’m going to add this to the wishlist

As for the unremembered rules - i can’t say i’ve experienced that either at home or at the office using version 2.3.6

like you tha same!!!
when it blocks an application then it blocks the parent…
and nothing works if i set it deny…
i must accept everything to work…
When the version will arrive???

does this mean that we have to wait for this new version to stop this problem. I have the same problem and I must say this is really annoying all the time…I wish it could work in the background and leave me alone. It also finds it very difficult to connect to Firefox. Anyone knows why. It always show that the site could not be found …HUM! is this related? Well, it only happened since I have installed the firewall.
A little light would be welcome

How lower…?
It is already in lower level by default…
When the new version is about to come???