I was asked to ask a question for someone in ACF

May I suggest to ask the questions you refer to in the forum. Or, give me the questions you want answered and I will go ask…and then report back here for you like the good little boy I am.
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WOW! What a guy!
Here’s my question. I downloaded Portable Firefox 2.0 a few days ago. As usual Comodo would pop up with its box and in the lower left corner I would check “remember my answer” and continue. Then when I would open Portable FF again, I would have to go through all the pop ups again and every time that I would use that same program. It was very annoying to say the least. So, why does Comdo keep doing this?
By the way, it only acts goofy with Portable FF.
Thanks for your help.


Just a guess, without looking into this further:
the signature for the app is changing everytime you launch it.
are you running some sort of a sandbox?


No, he mentioned nothing about being sandboxed.

somehow the app signature must be changing…
that would create the popup everytime cos CPF would think the app has changed…