I wanto to choose freely my shortcuts on the Task Bar

Is it really needed to make Scan, Update, Unblock Applications and Secure Shopping as unremovable? I think that having that choice makes the UI more customizable than any AV I ever used.

Mine has Virtual Desktop, submit file, watch activity and clean sandbox up there.

Right click and remove what you want - or add by the same method. Pick up with a left click and move them around also

I moved them, and found out I couldn’t remove the items because you need a minimum of four!

You need to add more than four and then remove (unpin) the ones you dont want to be shown on main window menu or the widget.

Main Window Menu → Tasks → Pin or unpin (grey/green pin icon next to task object) until you get the 4 ones you want. If you want to change to 4 new ones add 8 and remove 4.