I want to uninstall Comodo Internet Security in Windows 7 SAFE MODE. Help !

Yesterday (15th December 2013) I downloaded free version of Comodo Internet Security for my Asus K52N laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate. Since I installed it I get blue screen with DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL … minidump file . And I searched and asked around and that is 99% cause of Comodo Internet Security. And I can only run my computer in SAFE MODE. And I m trying to uninstall CIS but I can not in Safe Mode. Your software doesnt allow me to do that in Safe Mode. And I searched your forums for this issue, I couldnt find any solutions regarding of this issue. I ve been Comodo Security and Comodo Browser user for the last 6 years, and for the last 6 years I myself found new at least 50 clients for you - voluntary advertisement because of your company owner Melih is from my province in Turkey- but to have this problem now, really took my every signle hours of my last 2 days of time. I never came across with this problem before. I m sad to have this problem on one my most reliable laptops now. So could you please help me out on this. Thanx very much.

Look at this topic: Comodo Forum look for and use the .bat files, these should clear CIS from your system, though please read the whole post even though there will be steps you can’t do.