I want to install CIS but my friend wants me to stick with Avast as my AV.

Could I just install the Firewall for now and then when I can upgrade it to CIS? Or would I have to uninstall the Firewall and then install CIS?

You could go to add/remove programs in control panel, select CIS, uninstall button, choose modify/repair, select antivirus and it should install antivirus component to cis, if I remember correctly.

Thanks :smiley:

If I were you, I would wait for avast/comodo compatibility verification… :-TU

I’ll wait for that or tell her I can’t do both at the moment so I need to do CIS. 88)

Is it for her computer or yours?

My avast and comodo work great!

Awesome, thanks! :-TU

cheater87, you have a green light, go for it and post back results… :wink:

The avast and comodo firewall combo works great. Avast’s detection for 0-day aren’t really that good. I tried it with about 10-15 links 0-day off of MDL and it missed about half of them. Even downloaded and sitting in a download folder it didn’t pick them up. I’m hoping that will change with 5.1 The current set-up that seems to work well is CIS 5 and prevx SOL. If CIS av misses it, prevx usually picks it up. If it gets by prevx then D+ catches it or its sandboxed. I do have D+ set for untrusted files.

For my laptop.

Well, then, you decide what you want, you’re the owner of that machine… :-TU :wink:

She has Avast also and wants me to stick with it till we get a false positive issue sorted out.

Very well then… :slight_smile: :-TU

you can add immunet; immunet works with your current AV (e.g Avast). Avast+Comodo firewall+Immunet is a good comobo. Try it! :slight_smile:

if you do install Immunet look at the video I made for you. it’s ziped so you will need to download it.


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Thanks :smiley:

!ot! -rant-

I decided to give Immunet a try. Bleh…

Slowest. Scanner. Ever! I tried a full scan and it was still running after three hours, then it finally locked up my computer and I had to force quit using the power button…

And false positives? Wow! I’ve got a major trojan infestation on my hands! :o Oh, wait… That’s just the installer for Exact Audio Copy, that’s my encoder for .mpc files, etc… 88)

Its operation is pretty counterintuitive. If you tell it to ask you before quarantining something, it will quarantine it anyway, then ask if you want to restore it. And when the alert pops up asking this, all it shows you is the false positive name of the malware the application thinks it has found. “Warning! Trojan.BlueBalls.HolyCrapThey’reBlue! has been detected and successfully quarantined, do you want to restore this file?” Errrmmm… I don’t know? >:( You actually need to go into the history to find out the files path to see what it quarantined for you. (Even though you told it to ask you first…)

Exclusions don’t support wildcards, so there isn’t any hope of telling it to quit scanning files such as your CAV temp files unless you want to exclude your entire C:\WINDOWS\Temp folder… (Not a good idea…) What is so hard about C:\WINDOWS\Temp\CAV*.tmp? “That is not a valid file name” -Urgh- I’m not entirely sure it’s actually excluding the exclusions either, but I’m a little gun shy of the scanner at this point…

And the “community” feature is a joke… They try to tell you that adding friends to your community makes you more “secure”, yet they tell you (after you do some looking) that even with no “friends”, you still have the full protection of Immunet. I see… 88) So this “community” feature is simply an attempt to draw on the “power” of social networking to gain more users. Nobody wants to be friendless, (I think I’ll add Kip Drordy*) so they’ll invite all their friends to install Immunet to belong to their “community”. :-TD

Currently the status of the application on my computer is Disconnected - Secure - Not Updated. Clicking the “Fix It” link below disconnected loads their support web page faq, (And I don’t see anything about “disconnected” status) and clicking the link under Not Updated simply tells me the application is up to date! ??? I updated when I installed, yet it says it has never been updated. Nice… I’m not concerned about the Not Updated bit, but from a cloud application, Disconnected can’t be good. And yes, I have a constant connection that hasn’t dropped recently.

They have a feedback link in their GUI, so I wanted to give them some feedback. It opens their “Contact Us” page, and I select from the dropdown “Give us Feedback”, and get a blank page. Hmmm… Other dropdown choices give me a form to fill out. Try another browser, and another, same results. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess they don’t really want my feedback then?

I seriously can’t recommend this thing.

*You Have 0 Friends (Season 14, Episode 4) - Full Episode Player - South Park Studios If you are unfamiliar with South Park, don’t watch this unless you don’t mind crass, vulgar humor and foul language. O0

for me it has worked good at least okey. It’s true that there are FP. I’m using it because it can give me addtional layer of protection.

And how is ThreatFire AV free?

Nothing wrong with wanting another layer of protection. :slight_smile:

I used to use Threatfire back when it was called Cyberhawk. Then PC Tools bought it and changed the name. It wasn’t billed as an AV at that time, it was called a HIPS/behavior blocker. This was when HIPS was a new concept, and before D+ was released.

I even used it for a while after it was purchased by PC Tools, but then the application just quietly started shutting itself down for no apparent reason. Since this isn’t great behavior for a security app, I uninstalled it. I thought it was an issue with a recent update that PC Tools made.

It turns out the problem was really with an update to SpySweeper. I think this was when they added AV support to their suite. I also discovered SpySweeper was now messing with other applications I had installed, so it went bye-bye with two more years left on my subscription. I had been a SpySweeper user for so long, it took me longer than it should have to suspect it may actually be the culprit.

After I figured out SpySweeper was the one causing the issues, I never actually reinstalled Threatfire because by this time Comodo had added D+ to their firewall and I was using that instead.

I really had no complaints with Threatfire. It was pretty quiet, and light on system resources. I have no idea what it’s like now.

Knowing Comodo firewall has D+, Sandbox and cloud scanning this should fill in the gaps that Avast has. 8)

CIS 5 is givning the best protection that you could ever dream of, especially for being for free.

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