I want to help

But I would like to have a valid registration number sent to my e-mail first.  Is that too much to ask?  BTW, great product,  ditched ZA for this (Better protection, more options, much easier on system resources).  Heads up administrator.

Hi Steve and welcome to the forum! First of all, I would assume CPF since you ditched ZA, good choice :wink: Also, if you use hotmail, check the junk folder for the activation key, it was getting put in there and the team was trying to figure out why but I don’t know if it’s been solved, I will have to ask. Also, you do get two e-mails, one is shorter number, order number. The other is longer key, and is the activation key. If you check this and are not getting a key, let me know. You can send a request for them to send you one or I can get you one.