I want to do a test...

I want to test my antivirus. Someone knows where I can download some virus files (more than one…) for testing?

There is the Eicar test virus - which, although not a real virus, it is used to test if your AV is working correctly.


Any ■■■■■ site will do. Mind you, I don’t think “download” is the best way to describe what will happen. ;).

If you are going to knowingly harvest viruses - tread carefully. My advice would be to take a snapshot of your system (Ghost, Acronis True Image, Paragon Drive Backup etc.) BEFORE you go anywhere near them, so you have a fallback position.

This is needed because YOU WILL GET INFECTED - no ifs, no buts, your PC will get hit.

Apply the rule of cautious carpentry - measure twice, cut once.

Good luck and please forward any harvested samples to Comodo for incorporation into CAV.

Ewen :slight_smile: