I want to delete my account...

Hi there, I’m using Comodo about one year and I have a forum account about five months. I will track this forum clearly and I’m going to use Comodo tools but I want to delete my forum account. How can I do this? I can’t found Delete my account button on my profile or what else. Where should I go? or Where should I say this?

Thanks. And thanks again for helping me on there or on other topics…

Hi Bigkrieger,

I will be able to delete your account. However, are you absolutely sure you want it deleted?

When you confirm deletion (replying to this thread), I will go ahead and delete your account.

Note: I don’t like when someone deletes their account…but as you don’t have too many posts in your name I guess it won’t be too bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

So now it seems only mods can delete accounts. That’s good. :a0

LaserWraith, thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

Josho, thanks for your post. Yes I’m sure I want to delete my account. Thanks for feedback.

And thanks Comodo again. :slight_smile:

What’s the point of deleting an account? I’ve never really figured that out… ???

So that you’ll be discouraged to re-register and hence visit this forum ;D. I thought about it myself ;D.

I have seen to it that your account is completely indestructible. It’s like the Eagles say; “You can log out any time you like, but you can never leave…” ;D

Either way Soya, you have another reason for staying. You wouldn’t want to see a grown Ganda cry would you? :smiley:

alien amœbas don’t grow or germinate

But they do multiply…ugh. I just got chills.

I believe something has “multiplied” into this thread. Is off-topicness an “alien amœbas”?

It was a pointless thread anyway, we just made it interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry for the late reply - Been busy at the moment. I was just informed that moderators do not delete accounts anymore for a number of reasons (Example, so that posts can be tracked, etc for specific purposes) which I wasn’t aware off.

So what we do now when users request deletion of their account - we change passwords instead and do not inform the user of the new password of that account unless requested so, (if you want to return for example). So I can change your password so you do not know about it and can’t access your account. Would that be OK?

Password and email changes as per members request.