"I want to connect to server in " greyed out.


I just d/l and installed the free TrustConnect. It seems to work just fine. But I have a question about the Advanced Options. I cannot choose which server to connect to, nor the “let me choose every time I connect” option. They are greyed out. Is that because I am in China? It gives me automatically one in Oregon, I believe. (

Another Q I have is the 10 GB per month limit for the free account. Does that mean downloaded bytes, or does it also include whatever bytes are sent/received when visiting a web page, without actually downloading any files? Does it also include uploading stuff?

Thanks for a great product!


It’s one of Free service limitation.
See more here: https://www.comodo.com/trustconnect/faq_full.html#1.11

TrusConnect summarizes your input and output traffic (downloads + uploads).