I Want to Block IP Address from Contry China In and Out Packet.

Hi Team Comodo and Everyone ???

  1. I Question for Setting Comodo Internet Security 7 Block IP Address and/or Any Website of Country China.
    Because The Baidu , Hao123 and any Potential Unwanted Application OpenCandy Download Baidu Product and/or Hao123 But I Don’t Want Install It.
    I Check Log Sophos UTM Home OpenCandy Try Download Baidu Mini Installer from China Contry Then I Want Block IP Address Range All In and Out of Contry China

I Need to do Block What Range IP Address ?? :-La

  1. I Want to Block Fire Any Install from Baidu , Hao123 , Beedoctor , Garena , OpenCandy and any company of Potential Unwanted Application. Can I Use Comodo Internet Security 7 Free Version was Block ?? :-La

Thks for Answer for Any Team Comodo and Everyone