i want to ask two questions about cima

i am a chinese user.excuse my poor english.
1.the relationship between cima and comodo database?
If the CIMA can detect suspecious, then only add a signature to virus database do? Or by manual inspection technician?
2.does cima has its own technical support E-mail? If not, can set up a submit system or mailbox?
A few days ago I tested a malicious Trojan, but cima do not detect any movement, such as cwsandbox sort of on the detected, and this made me feel worried because I have been to cima as criteria for judging the virus.
I would like to report to the technical staff analysis by a lack of contact information.
thank you!

Welcome to the forums. Can you please edit your post? The red highlighting whole way through makes it hard to read.

1: People submit samples to CIMA, If CIMA finds something malicious than a signature is released for it automatically.

2: CIMA is an autonomous system.

If anything is missed, please send to;

Additionally you can submit sample via following interface with comments:


Thanks Umesh, By the way - I could not find a way to submit malware via the main comodo.com site. +I tried using the search feature provided on comodo’s website to find it but I had no such luck.