I want to allow a program and still stealth my ports

COMODO Firewall blocks “Windows Operating System” (got no friggin idea WHY) and uTorrent (eventhough it’s an Trusted Application).

In the Stealth Ports Wizard I chose “Block all incoming connections, stealth my ports to everyone” which added this global rule “block and log IP in from IP any to IP any where protocol is any”.

So is the most secure stealth option bad ?

I want to know why “Windows Operating System” wants to connect and how to have the ports secure while allowing uTorrent access. Preferably by a selecting another option in the stealthports wizard as I’m wary of manually changing these things as I may make a mistake.

Pics are small…will edit that a bit later if you can’t see them ^^

Hello Campaigner;

For Torrent Application

For The Windows Operating System
This is Normal (pretty much)
If you fix the Torrent App; This should die down some.
If it still continues then make sure you do not have file/printer sharing enabled.

did this help?