I want the firewall, only the firewall, and nothing but the firewall.

I liked it back when comodo firewall was just a firewall, now they got all this extra ■■■■ they’re trying to push down our throats like defense+, geekbuddy, trustconnect, antivirus… it just goes on and on. Now i’ve only installed the firewall portion (skipped the add-on ■■■■ in the install options) and disabled defense+ and everything else, but when i went to open a file it threw up a warning that it was some virus (which i know its not) and that its “cloud scanner” did it. I dont know what that is but i am not comfortable will this program scanning every single file on my computer and sending it out into the “cloud” for analysis - THAT is some real trojan behavior. Can anyone tell me how to disable everything but the firewall? Or if thats not possible, plz recommend a firewall thats only a firewall.

Open CIS and click the Defense+ tab and then Defense+ settings. Go to Execution Controll Settings and make sure Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files and Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud are not checked.

WOW! The worlds first user configurable trojan. 88) :smiley:

Well, I can think of one that predates it but it’s probably a bit off topic and risque for this forum… :stuck_out_tongue:

configurable - NOT inflatable :smiley:

touche’ :-TU