I want my money back

Somedays ago i visited novalexfinance.com and i asked COMODO about novalexfinance.com that did they purchase your security?They said yes they are using .Therefore i invested there.
Now they have gone i want my money back.

i don’t know anything i have only $55 invested i want my money back.I am very poor i borrowed from my frend.I can’t pay him this very high amount.Plz try to understand.


Hi thegunner,

I think I have some bad news for you, as far as I could see, that group is a scam. Which means that they happely told you what you wanted to hear and they accepted your money without a problem. So I’m afraid you sprung in the trap. :frowning:

The only thing I can sujest you is to contact your bank and to see if they can do something for you. If not you should check your bank accounts for some missing money that goes away every month and if that happens call again to your bank.

Next time, please only buy services from trusted vendors only like Comodo.

Best regards,
Comodo Volenteer Moderator

when i asked before investing there from your customer support they said yes they have purchased certificate and you are ensure $10,000,0 form COMODO.So you need no worry.
Now i want my money.

Please see i got this money as loan from my frend.he wants his money from me,I am poor and can’t pay him this money.

I invested $55 I can’t pay this money to him,I know this money is very little for you ,but how can i pay him?I can’t pay him because our currency rates are very low.


Ok I think I follow you, you thought you were buying authentic software but then never received it?

First and for most, if you contacted Comodo and they gave you the ‘go ahead’ why didnt you buy from comodo directly?

Second, you need to contact Comodo DIRECTLY. Using their fourm wont help you with this issue.

Third, ALWAYS buy DIRECTLY from the author’s site.

Like if you want to buy Windows Vista, Id go to Microsoft.com. I wouldnt go to Joblowzwindows.com to buy it.

Just like off line, common sense generally will put you on the right track. Unles your a politician ;D

I think eXPerience hit the nail on the head. That looks like an investment scam registered in Panama. I am afraid you have become a victim. I think you might be saying Comodo is somehow responsible because the company bought a Comodo SSL certificate but sadly that is not the case.

The interesting thing here is: what kind of certificate? DV or OV or EV?

Who told you to invest by asking loan from a friend?
Is this true or just an excuse to have some more sympathy to get your money back? it’s fishy :wink:
If this wouldn’t be a scam you are not supposed to be sure that you’ll earn $ 55 so quickly from the investment.
It’s your lack of common sense and smartness and intelligence as other mentioned.
You are ignorant and are not matured enough to guess where to invest money on the web.
So Comodo is not guilty here.
How can you blame them and want them to refund you? ???
Go to your bank and file a complain of scam
and learn from your mistake in future,
Good luck! :wink: