i want know why need the reboot?

i want know why need the reboot?

CIS reboot alarm popup is not have any info about “why need the reboot, what Process?”.

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Normally CIS tray icon becomes orange no ?

I suddenly saw this reboot popup. Ok~ I know, a reboot is needed for any reason. ex) ‘CIS program update’ ‘remove malware’ etc…

important point is “I suddenly saw this reboot popup, and not have info about process”.

User speculate about the process?

More information would be helpful in deciding whether or not it is safe to postpone.:-TU
Please add a poll.

Thanks~ Poll added :wink:

Thank you, voted. :-TU

This would be very helpful information.

Until such a feature is added you could try WhyReboot™

+1 :-TU here

+1. I agree.