I want it but Comodo blocks it

I’m a new user and first-time poster. I really like Comodo except for this one thing: It prevents me from getting music and photos from my computer to my TiVo box for hearing/seeing on my tv set. I have allowed every listing for TiVo when Comodo has asked, and marked them to be remembered. But still, Comodo blocks those things. If I turn off Comodo, the music and photos show up on my TiVo menu. When I turn Comodo back on, the music and photos listing disappears from TiVo. Can someone help? I have Windows Media Center with the latest SP-something. Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

I don’t know that particular software but the problem may be because it needs to accept incoming connections, and those would be blocked by the network monitor before reaching the app one. When you try to access that service and it doesn’t work, open the firewall logs and see if some event was registered. If so post a screenshot or write the details here so we can tell you what rule you must create.

Thank you for the reply. In the network log, there is one block listed. Under Details, it says:


Is this any help to you?

Yes that would be the rule blocking incoming connections, but don’t remove it because it’s important. However that’s a rule in the “network monitor”, not an event in the logs. To see the logs, click on “activity” at the top, then on “logs” at the left. Try to access TiVo, and afterwards open these logs as I just told you, then post here a screenshot.

I will do as you suggest–if I get some help. I know how to get a screenshot by pressing the print screen button, but I don’t know how to post the screenshot on this forum. I made a screenshot of the log you mentioned and pasted it in my Microsoft Paint program. I know how to save it, but don’t know where to save it to, or how to get it into a forum message.

Try this link https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t6770.0.html (:WIN)

Looks like we are crossing paths on our messages. I will check out those free programs. I did notice with the Windows program that PNG is one of the file formats it supports. I read somewhere that PNG is a good format to use.

Did this work?

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Hi Coan,

Yes you did fine. But after thinking about it, better yet than having to figure it out from the logs, I found the needed configurations in TiVo’s support pages. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it, I’ve called some expert help in to tell you how to insert them in CFP because this is my first encounter with this program you use. Stay tuned and further help should be on its way. :slight_smile:

Sounds exciting. I clicked the link you provided and for some reason the page doesn’t want to open in my Opera browser. I’ll keep trying. I’m assuming that is what I am supposed to do–click that link to TiVo support and follow the instructions.

I think you need to define a trusted network in the wizard option (forgot where it’s located since I use CFP v3).

here it is O0

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HOORAY! All is fixed and I’m listing to one of the music selections in my computer through my TiVo as I write this. Thanks immensely to Commodus, Japo (who really stuck with me on this), Soyabeaner and gibran for all your help. Each of you contributed to my understanding and my progress toward eventual solution of the problem. Not only that, but I learned how to post a screenshot on a message board. I notice that most or all of you are using version 3. Is it stable and ready for neophytes such as I? Thanks again and again!

Excellent :P0l

Version 3 - For you, I recommend waiting next week when Comodo will release the next update that contains more options where it has a version 2.4-like mode. It’s very flexible in that if you don’t want the more advanced features like Defense+, you can completely disable it rather than having to reinstall CFP.

Only one thing. if you use a wireless network did you set a wpa protected connection?

Oh, my, just when I think I’m all set, someone comes up with something I know nothing about. I don’t know what a wpa protected connection is. Is that something I do with Comodo, or with TiVo, or with my router? My grandson set up my wireless router, which is connected to my TiVo. Also, thanks to Soyabeaner for the advice on version 3. I’ll wait.

Every device that use a wireless connection should be setup to use a WPA protected connection with a strong password

Here are few articles about Wireless security:
Police warn about wireless risks
Securing your WLAN
Wireless Security: WPA Step by Step

Aha–I see. I certainly will check this out. Thanks a lot for the advice and the info.