I Want Alerts!

[beeped] comodo was deleting programs from my hard drive without informing me of the action.

How do I tell the program to INFORM me before taking action?

It was labeling a known, safe, and OLD program as being infected.

I only found out it was comodo because I tried sandboxing the executable and suddenly, it was able to run and not just vanish from the program folder, and comodo threw up the virus warning.

Under AV settings un-check do not show alerts quarantine threats, and under auto-containment rules modify the first rule and go to options tab and un-check quarantine.

Apparently I don’t have the AV installed, probably because I got Avast installed, but by the first rule, I trust you mean:
“Block” → “All Applications” → “Malicious”

I do got something called VirusScope.

Firewall, HIPS, Containment, File Rating, Advanced Protection → VirusScope, …
Checked all these and they all have no checks on the “do not show popup alerts” so this might be a bug.

Then comodo didn’t do anything if you don’t have the AV installed, you would have received a VirusScope alert if you executed the application and it triggered a recognizer activity which would give you to the option to clean or ignore. You should run the view quarantine task to see if the auto-containment quarantined the application when it was being sandboxed.

I did not get an alert until I ran the application with the right click menu item “Run in COMODO container”.

Up until that point, COMODO was merely DELETING the file without notice.