I want Advance Protection to stop

with HIPS or make it another option, I don’t care, you don’t obligate me to use a feature I don’t want to, makes my PC slow and I have no control over it, and the only help I found about it from Comodo is some A-Hole >:( saying why should I? if it’s so F-ing good, well it’s not and I want it out on your next version or I’ll find another Firewall, I already have Avast as an Antivirus, anti-spayware and andti-rookit, so I don’t need nor want it, I’d use it as a secondary tool WHEN I WANT TO, NOT WHEN YOU WANT TO IMPOSE IT ON ME :-TD >:( :-TD

In Settings: File Rating, Virusscope and Advanced Protection are also disabled, as disabled as they can be, I attached current Firewll exported config and msinfo32 exported report

If you really want to help people, add an option in File Rating: check only files downloaded from the Internet, add another: introduced from external devices/media, or fuse them into 1: check files that come from external sources, and have another option or suboption, ti’s up to you, call antivirus/antispyware/antirootkit from Comodo, Avst or any I CHOOSE FROM, get it? I get to decide what’s going on, how and when, NOT YOU FOR ME, I DECIDE FOR MYSELF, sometimes I don’t need to and therefore don’t want to have any security for performance reasons, you have a problem with that? just tell me to uninstall your fuking softwre and search for its replacement.

Another rubbish* move from you Comodo, is in your Terms & Services, if you get sued for something I did, even when it’s your software, I’m responsible and have to pay the damages/compensation, so no, you should pay for the part that is your responsibility, the software, if your software screws something then is your fault, it’d be my fault if I use your software to ■■■■■ something/someone



I am afraid nobody will read this rant.

You could make a wish in CIS - Wishlist board following the required format. That way your wish will certainly be seen by Comodo.

I locked this topic because of the aggressive tone.

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