I want a CPAK

On 3 machines at home I use Norton 2003 firewall. When I bought a laptop last month, I decided to instal CPF on it, to see how good it works. And as a firewall, I can’t find any fault with it.
BUT,!!! surfing the web(on my laptop) I became unpleasantly aware, how many annoying advertisements and popups there are on web pages. (:AGY)
Before that, on my desktop-machines I was totaly anaware that they even existed!!! (:HUG)
This was because in the Norton firewall I had the Advertisement and popupkiller enabled.
I turned it off to see, and yes, all pages looked just like they do on my laptop with CPF. (:SAD) VERY ANNOYING. (:AGY)
After enabeling the option again, all advertisements were no more visible.

So that’s what I want: a CPAK (Comodo Personal Annoyance Killer)

Adblockers and co. are things browsers have to handle IMHO.

But that is just a matter of taste I think.


Hello, I enjoyed your story book type post :wink: and I understand your Grief. As mentioned , typically this isn’t the duty of a firewall. Norton (in my opinion) bloats their software to the point that you may as well be running two operating systems. Have you tried some pop up blockers? Firefox is great for this as well and if you want to limit spyware, FF is a good way to do so along with other securities. If you use IE, it has block pop up capabilities as well as Firefox. There are many pop up blocking tools out there as well. That said, far be it from me to say Comodo wouldn’t implement this into their firewall and I couldn’t say either way, you never know. Perhaps you would like to post a suggestion here as it sounds like a good one…


They do read them and take them into consideration so don’t feel as it would be thrown to the dogs. If they feel it’s a good suggestion or not, it gets looked at. :slight_smile:



Ads are a real pain, especially the moving ones. I use firefox and havent seen ads for years. At home that is,. It is only when I use the internet at work I see them and then I am close to a nervous brakedown :slight_smile:

But I agree that ads and such is not a job for a firewall (or a AV imo) There are plenty of ways to get rid af all annoyance even if you dont use Firefox.
Hostsman: Blocks most of the advertising sites in your hosts file. It is as effective as Adblock for Firefox.
Proxomitron, works pretty well against ads out of the box, even if it can do so much more than block ads.
Maxthon: A shell for IE with adblocking capabilities too

They are all free.

There’s also AMBrowser (www.ambrowser.com) - another tabbed IE shell with ad blocking built in. I’ve used it for about two years and won’t switch.

ewen :slight_smile:

(S) Hello, you can maybe try EMS FreeSurfer Companion www.emsproject.com. It is a freeware pop-up blocker, (with user definable ) rules, flash blocker, Gif blocker, host editor, it is really simple to use, and is also multi-language. It also has options like cleaning the internet cache after closing the browser, deletes temporary files, cookies, (washboard cache cleaner) and many, many more options. I do use it for many years already, and I tried many others before, but the configuration options of the others were really too advanced for me. As a second cleaning tool I use also the freeware called: Cleanup! from www.mlin.net . It is amazing how these 2 small programs can fully cleanup all the junk. After a re-install of windows XP, it cleaned up 32 MB of temporary files after the first run.
I hope that my hints will be just as usefull to you as they were for me.
With best regards, Etude (The Netherlands).

Thanks all for the extra advice for getting rid of those annoying ads. (:CLP)

Further to the EMS Project, does any one have suggestions on other freeware progs that simlarly block ads on a computer wide level and not just the browser based like Ad-Block onf Firefox?

Would be good to find as there are a couple of users on the one PC on different browsers and it’d help cut down on the triplicate if there was a program that blocked all the ads like Norton used to on the machine. Even if it that was a bloated mess, it was rocking my boat in the ad blocking.

Hi Reno and welcome! Well I have to ask just what ads are getting on the pc? You shouldn’ t have ads on the pc unless you have spyware whether through an installed program, malware, virus, trojan, many things can cause this. If you are getting ads on the pc itself it’s due to something that shouldn’t be there to begin with OR the messenger service in windows. This is NOT MSN messenger. Messenger service in windows allows for Net Send, etc…but many would get pop up ads through this and was a real pain in which I would direct them to stop the service. As well, if you get pop ups from a browser even after you shut the browser down, this is still browser based and should be stopped at the source. If you stop it at the source it won’t pop up onto the pc.


Thanks for the welcome.

Guess I should have worded myself clearer.

Back when I was running Norton Internet Security, it had this feature that would allow me to block entire sites from even displaying in the webpages.

If I wanted to block say, anything from google-syndication.com or doubleclick, it wouldn’t even allow images or frames from the server displaying in Firefox, IE and Opera. Cool stuff really.

I’ve searched and seen a lot of pop up blocker software and toolbars, but these are mainly IE specific. I’m after something that handles all incoming across the board.

Kind of like what Adblock Plus does for FF, it would look like what this screenshot of a defunct freeware from some dead company would have.

What I’m looking for keeps it on one program. Anyone know of some?

The closest thing “I” could find that’s supposed to be good, and free is


You may want to check others out on there as well…

Hope this helps,


Dear Anando.
I use Ad Muncher for the advertisements, pop ups, etc and love it. Tech support is also excellent.