I´ve forgotten my password

Hi folks,

I am using comodo firewall (version 3.13) in combination with vista.
I´ve forgotten my admin password.

But I need access to the firewall. Who can help me?

Many thx.

Hi Seda,

Please check out this post here:

Hi Ronny,

I´ve executed your recommended steps. But it didn´t work. So, I booted in safe mode and changed the values. Although it didn´t work.

Many regards.

Did you try in all four configurations as depending on your active configuration it could any of the four you need to change.


[attachment deleted by admin]


all four configurations have the value “0”. But Comodo FW is still asking for a password.

Sorry this has always worked in the past, could you please show us a screenshot of the alert.


Hi folks,

thank you very much for your assistance. I found a way to completely remove Comodo FW from my computer. My point of view is, that in my case the handling is tricky solved.