i-vault problems

I just loaded IV and am really trying to use it but having difficulty.

  • IV should be taking data and automatically creating a card the first time I log on to a page. It doesn’t always

  • minor problem which I can live with but maybe there is a solution: a login page has three fields in a row to fill in: login, pw, third field. Since IV didn’t take the data directly as I typed I created the card manually. However since my windows is a right-to-left version, it enters the data in the reverse fields. I have a work-around but maybe there is a solution.

  • for some sites it doesn’t transfer the login info into the site.

  • for some sites it keeps on flashing the pw on and off and I can’t login even by pushing the logon button manually. So I unselect autologon in the card, but is there another solution?

  • some sites do not generate a card even though I selected Hidden in the IE integration preferences

  • on the same topic sometimes it generates a card but the form shows w/o the data entered, and sometimes the card is just gray. In these cases it generates card after card with each logon but there is no data in the card.

  • For some sites I have to enter some login data manually. Each time I do this a new card is generated, and has to be deleted. I find this bothersome.

  • the help and users guide are not very helpful and need to be completely re-written with clearer instructions.

As far as I can tell the settings are all properly set and I do not understand why I am having these difficulties. Any suggestions much appreciated.

i would like i-vault to work at least once i put all information in but i can’t even get it to login on anything , it won’t even log into email don’t know if i did something incorrect or what but it does not work could someone help?

keep trying till you get the hang of it. it took me a little while also. make sure you have the storage unlocked and the website entered correctly. login does not work the same way for all sites: sometimes you have to unselect the auto login button and click the submit button in the form manually; sometimes the web page does not communicate with ivault at all then you have to use the quickpassword feature. check the ie integration tab in preferences and make sure that “hidden” is selected for data retrieving and data insertion, and make sure highlight fields is selected in the same place.