i-Vault & Cards

When first running i-vault it seemed to work fine. A few days after installation I’ve been having small troubles with the cards in my vault.

when I open the program & unlock my personal vault the card show on right hand-side. But when you click on one to view the information for an individual card no dice No info to view. Close the program, reopen still the same thing. Reboot my system and it will then show my info for each card.

No my system has not been idle long enough for it to go into hibernation or system stand-by. My system startup is minimal, I don’t have a lot of programs open in the backround when using i-vault.
Using Comodo firewall (all the proper DLL’s have access in the firewall & also using Comodo anitvirus.
WinXP. Closing certain programs in the “task manage” doesn
t help when this all happens.

Also how can it create a card when the vault is locked??? This is really unique!! because mine sure does. And on some web sites it doesn’t even pickup that I’m logging in to an active account.

It really is a simple to use program and would really be an asset for my husband to use for logging in to sites instead of dragging a paper around or a spread sheet with userid & pwds.

Tina :-\

Hi Tina,

I have never heard of this issue before, you may wish to contact the support team. If it is a bug, then they will be sure to forward it to the developers.


Thanks Justin. I’m heading that direction now.

Tina :slight_smile:

I am having a very similar problem plus some other concerns since my installation on 2-8-2007.

I have had the problem of upon opening my personal vault; the cards would not display any content. Close and restart the i-Vault and the problem remained. This has occurred on three occasions. It required a reboot of the computer to clear the problem. On a fourth occasion, a reboot would not correct even after repeating the reboot. I used the Restore of a Backup file to return things to order.

Also, I surprisingly find that i-Vault will attempt to build a card when the program’s vault is locked and the program is not running. Usually, it does not complete the build properly. That’s not good.

Also, I find two of the i-Vault’s preferences, Start with Windows and Minimize to Tray at Startup under the General Tab are non-responsive.
No matter what combination of selection for these two items I choose, there appears to be no response to the selection.

My greatest concern is the loss of the card data. It like having a hole in your pocket…scary!

As a matter of information, I am using the Comodo Firewall and I have disabled the Launch Pad via msconfig and the Services Tab.
I wonder if this disabling action can cause any of this.

Hi james … I don’t have mine turned off in the msconfig (startup) and it’s having identical issues as yours.

I Placed a “trouble ticket” on this. Hope to hear from them soon.


Hi Tina…
Thanks for your information.

I have turned my Launch Pad back on. The Launch Pad program seems well behaved at the moment. I am going to keep it on.
Also, I have found this…
If I have i-Vault Running and Unlocked, I do not have any difficulty with the card displays.

I found the following statement in the i-Vault Help section of Autofill feature of Internet Explorer Integration.


You need to keep Comodo i-Vault running, and have your storage opened and unlocked while you are surfing the Web.

My card display difficulty has occurred when I do NOT do this and the program attempts to Auto Create a new Card when i-Vault is closed. At the moment, I do not understand why the i-Vault program would attempt to create a New Card when the i-Vault program is closed while browsing the Web. I need an answer to that question. Do you understand the closed i-Vault program’s attempt to build a New Card any different than I do?
Regards, James

I want to add to the discussion what I feel now is my better understanding of i-Vault.

Launch Pad is installed when i-Vault is initially installed. (we all know that)

The i-Vault program can be launched from the Launch Pad Icon located in the Tray.

The Tray Icon for Launch Pad has a menu that displays an Exit for Launch Pad. This Exit is grayed-out if i-Vault is Open or Hidden. The Exit is not grayed-out and is executable if i-Vault is closed.

The red X at the top right of the opened i-Vault program Window does not close i-Vault but will hide the i-Vault program when selected. The i-Vault program can also be hidden from the Launch Pad tray icon.

The i-Vault menu bar Storage selection has an Exit which will close i-Vault. The i-Vault program can also be closed from Launch Pad tray icon.

I am unsure of the condition (hidden or closed) of i-Vault when I had the improper Card display.
I suspect hidden. I have not been able to duplicate the problem. At the moment, i-Vault and Launch Pad are working properly.