i-Vault as transportable application in USB key (U3)


one of the most interesting missed feature for i-Vault app would be the portability.

Let’s imagine to get i-Vault portable and to carry it always with you in a USB key for instance. This would allow you to use it regardless the PC you should work on.

Does C.O.M.O.D.O is taking into account this need/opportunity? I’d be very interested in it.

Thanks Gae

I believe this had been brought up many times before… but yes, I agree 100%. i-Vault needs portability, so if you go to a library, school etc. where you can’t install any software (or don’t want to), you can use it directly from your usb.
I believe the Comodo team’s resources are all beeing spend on firewall and the antivirus right now, so I wouldn’t expect this feature anytime soon. :-\