I use CPF 2.4 and BoClean and Antivir PE Primium What else do I need?

I use CPF 2.4 and BoClean and Antivir PE Primium What else do I need? I have been running Spyware Terminator but when doing secondry scans with AOL’s Anti-spyware and Webroot Anti-spyware it had missed 3 types of spyware found by the other engines.

I need a decent anti-spy app that doesn’t hogg my system so much. Spyware terminator does ok but I’m not confident with it. I don’t want to pay if at all possible or a solution that doesn’t cost the earth. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

While no one application is bullet proof you have a pretty good start on layered protection.
At this time you might look to close the door a little more on infection vectors by using a browser like Firefox with the NoScript extension if you’re not already. :wink:

here is a list of some antimalware-scanners, besides “ad-aware” and “spybot s&d”, that you can use for free:

a-squared antimalware
avg anti-malware
spyware doctor

“pc magazine” has a bad review of “spywareterminator”, saying that it has a low detection rate…

Thanks to both of you. What I’pm particularly looking for is a real-time alternative to spywareterminator. I suppose it’s just trial and error with some of these programs till I find whats best. Webroot hogs my system far too much I’ll hav to try out the others I guess. Thanks for the help though.


here is a link to another forum where you can ask for advice:

what they will say is either BOClean or “superantispyware”, but you can run both of them together if you want to… still, “a-squared antimalware” is another program that you could choose to use…

If you install the free version of Superantispyware, the next time (probably the next day) you update the definitions, it will offer you a lifetime subscription for $20.

I snapped it up. It works… well… flawlessly.

Hmm, now where have I seen that business model before?

Actually I don’t know.

What I do know is that even if they close their doors in a year, I’ve still had excellent protection for that year for less than I’d pay for a year’s subscription to another product.