I understand that you cant defrag but what about anylyzing the disk?

I have read some of the forums concerning the use of defrag and I understand completely that the drive shouldn’t be defragged and I completely understand the given reasons. My question although Im sure that I know the answer is — There shouldn’t be any harm in merely analysing the hard drive in order to determine the level of fragmentation so that if in fact it does show a high level of fragmentation I can merely uninstall CTM , defrag and then reinstall? I think that may place some of our more inexperienced users at ease if they actually see how much it actually takes to seriously fragment a system . Pehaps if disk analysis could be worked into the program (CTM) it would ease the mind of the user and give them a realistic view of how much is actually fragmented on the drive.

Why exactly shouldn’t the drive be defragged? ???

Zephan, actually U may still use other defrag tools to analyze n view the level of fragmentation (it will not analyze space taken up by snapshots though, cuz it sees snapshots as free space), as long as U don’t press the “defrag” key.

Which version of CTM U’re using ? Try 2.9beta, it has auto-compact function to automatically rearrange snapshots to minimize use of disk space.

The way I do it with my system disk/partition is to minimize programs put on it.
I just kept OS, A/V and firewall programs on C: (even temp. internet folders were put on other disk), this way fragmentation level will be relatively low. And I don’t have to bother with constantly checking fragmentation level.

Zephan, yes, you can run the analysis without problem. In my personal experience, the fragmentation level of Windows System Restore is higher than the one observed with CTM.

Watasha, the snapshots aren’t files. They are on the disk sectors of the free space. Moving them (defragmenting) is redirect the writing to other part of the disk, not the “real” file. Increase the snapshot size, let the first file in the same place in the “old” snapshot and create a “new” one. The snapshot technology avoids defragmentation tools.

Thank you for clearing that up Tech. :slight_smile: