i try to unblocked somthing and now i cant use it i need help

hii how u doing.

i blocked an application a while ago. and now i neded for some reason
so i entered

defense+ computer security policy. and then to the blocked file tabs

marked to application and pressed remove.

all seems well.
but when i try to use the application now

i get this eror


any idear how do i make it work again

May be it is getting blocked in the rule for explorer.exe.

Look up the rule for explorer in Computer Security Policy → Defense + Rules. Select it and choose Edit → Protection Settings → Customise → click on Modify behind Run an executable and look under the Blocked Applications tab. When you find the reference to the file remove it and Ok and Apply your way back.

i said what u told me.

but i didnt got the loas part

did u ment. that inside of the

of THE "protection settings. to find somthing called. “run an excutable”

becuz i dont find anything like. this is the only thing i see in there


You need the “Access Rights” windows not the “Protection settings” window.
See if it`s in the Blocked Applications list, if it is remove it and OK/Apply to close all windows.


p.s. Modify is in Blue

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